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Sorry for the lack of posts! School started on Tuesday for me. I do have Fridays & Mondays + weekends off, so I’ll most likely be doing most of my searches on the weekends!

Hope school is going well for those of you who started again this year :) This is my last year of school ever, woo!

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Anonymous: r u still goind to find the sweatshirt sam wore in a cinderella story even though you found a simialr one

As for now no. I’ve done a ton of searches on different sites, but it might not even have been photographed or available online. It’s also 10 years (maybe more) old, so it’s a little tough to find an item that far back. If I come across it while searching for other things, then I’ll post it.

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I will be turning off the anon tomorrow night at 9pm est
So if you wanted to make requests on anon, now’s the time to do so!
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could you find her dress and necklace?

THIS dress is very similar!

But I’ll still be keeping an eye out for the exact & the necklace.

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Anonymous: when people ask to find exacts and u can't find it, do u post similar clothes till u find the exact one??

Usually. Most times I stop looking for it & just end up finding the item when searching for something else. Some items just can’t be found because they’re old & long sold out or were never photographed/sold online. Many stores tend to not post all their products online, so that makes finding some items difficult. Also, basic looking clothing items (such as a beige skater skirt) can be sold by many different stores so I never want to state a certain one is exact unless I know for sure.

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could you find Sydney’s top from Echosmith promo pics?

THIS post on Poshmark might be the exact top, but the brand isn’t listed so I can’t find more pictures to confirm.

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Anonymous: Can u find the mask sam montgomery wore in cinderella story at the dance

You can get a replica HERE

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Anonymous: Can u do the jacket hilary duff as sam in a cinderella story she wore at the football game??

I haven’t been able to find it. THIS is the closest cropped sweater I can find that looks similar.

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Ca you find this blouse (green/plaid)?

It’s a little difficult to see details on Chrissy’s shirt, but THIS top from Etsy has a very similar style, but is only available in XL

The Nasty Gal Get Down Button Up is similar as well & comes in sizes S/M/L!

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Hilary Duff (as Sam Montgomery) used these roller skates in A Cinderella Story

Chicago Skates Rink Skate - Price ranging from $49.94-$148.70

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I'm Rory. I like finding exact matches of things celebrities wear.

This blog runs on requests. You can request any celebrity, as long as they or their fanbase are considered teen.

Request by submitting a picture & noting where they wore the outfit.
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